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The Chemical Brothers @ Montreux Jazz Festival 2019

Dernière mise à jour : 19 déc. 2019

On my list of live show to never miss, The Chemical Brothers was at the top of it! Since my 18th birthday (they was playing in Zurich, no chance to go there..) I was expecting getting the chance to see them live!

Montreux Jazz Festival is a specific music event in Switzerland with so many different artists and styles. In a very nice place near to the Geneva Lake. The concert rooms are really nicely built and people always so Swiss!

Almost 2 hours show, with oldies-goldies from former albums. Those kind of songs who puts you back in your teenagers age, with Block Rockin’ Beats, Hey Boy Hey Girl...

I was no more a Chemical addicts those last years, but I give them a try for their last album, and I loved it!!!!! Back to basics, some break beats; big beat and 4/4 beats always spiced with taste and flavour, and they never forget those touches of Acid lines!


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