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Three musical elements have always influenced me. The intense rhythms, the bass lines and the acid movement. I try to compile all these elements in my productions while bringing out my emotions in each of the titles. Influenced by the artists from labels like; Hospital Records, RAM, Moving Shadows , I like to profile myself towards Liquid Drum and Bass productions, without ever forgetting my Acid roots!

Attracted by music from an early age, I had the chance to quickly start playing keyboards, synthesizers and later the piano.

Very early on I connected my Atari to my Roland E-70, the beginning of my Geek side. During my studies in computer science and then as a multimedia producer, my home studio grew.  Korg M1, Roland TB-303 were joined in the studio with Korg MS-2000, Roland JX-305, Technosaurus Microcon II,..... Never to fare from my decks I played as a DJ House, then a bit later Drum and Bass.

My professional choices pushed me to separate myself from the whole of my studio for lack of time and space. Until 2016 when I decided to radically change my life. No more 16-hour working days. Priority is given to the family and my health. One thing led to another, by reconnecting with my former study buddies and friends, I began to set up a studio and learn about the evolution of the music industry over the past 10 years. At the end of 2017 I launched my first Single which aims to see the possibilities offered to everyone to write, produce and distribute to billions of people across internet platforms.

Today, I am grateful to my friends and family, who allowed me to return to my first love, music. I hope I can offer to many people a moment of pleasure, that would be my very own present.


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